Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Man and the Ocean: Acrylic and soft pastels on postcard-sized canvas

When Asef Majidi told me that all his life he dreamt of seeing the ocean, I laughed. Casually, I browsed a map. I realised Afghanistan is a landlocked country. Then Asef shared with me the most beautiful experience of his life. He now studies business administration in the U.S. One weekend, his friends drove him down to a beach in California. They covered his eyes as they walked from the car towards the ocean. He heard the waves first. When they uncovered his eyes, he stood transfixed before an expanse of blue. Here's my art, Man and the Ocean, with acrylic and pastels on a postcard-sized canvas. The man's stretched hands are trying to embrace the infinite ocean. Asef loved the painting and made it his profile picture on Facebook. 

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