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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Hate consumes you. The more you hate somebody, the more you become like that somebody. When this obsession with hate took over all aspects of your life, you don't know. As you centre your attention on that person and what he or she did to you, how he or she harmed you, your ideas, your soul, you become embittered, irritable and dangerous to those who love you, who live for you, who you would kill for. They become wary. Any show of affection maybe misinterpreted. They keep a respectful distance as you wallow in the muck of self-doubt and world-weariness. They gulp every time they utter a word, for that would elicit a response from you. A response they may not be able to handle. They hope it's a passing phase. But Hate seldom leaves his victims alone.  

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