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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Feelin' Faint: Twin flame talks with Reagan Gavin and Eisha Sarkar

Out of the blue:
Reagan: When did you faint in college?
Me (thinking): How does he know?
Me (aloud): I didn't faint in college. I almost fainted on the train on my way back from college. I had eaten only an orange all day
He: I used to eat only a bar of chocolate sometimes
Me: Yes. Perk or Mars. Lab stressed me out, especially Life Sciences, so never had lunch before it in entire first year. Sometimes, I would eat a samosa or a plate of Hakka noodles
He: Samosa or Maggi for me
Me: When did you faint on the train?
He: 1999
Me: 2000
He: The coincidences never end
Me: When I was about to faint, my friend asked me a very pertinent question at the most inopportune time, "Are you seeing red or are you seeing blotches of white, yellow, red and green?"
He: When you faint you don't see anything, just white noise and blank
Me: 😀 😀

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