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Thursday, May 6, 2021

When Fiction turns real

Friend (about TidyBytes #podcast): This is a cool venture! Good luck!
Eisha: Thank you
She: You guys seem like fast friends - I often read your banter and think how awesome it is to have a friend like that
Eisha: We haven't met in person. Ever!
She: Whattttt? No Way! Really?
Eisha: Yup
She: How do you know Reagan then?
Eisha: I told you I wrote fiction last year and then coincidentally after I sent them to the publisher, I met a guy who was exactly like the characters. Well, the fiction has played out in real life 😀
She: This is amazing. Like something out of a movie
Eisha: 😎😎

#HimAndHer #TidyBytes #TidyBytesWithReaganAndEisha

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