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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Animal Talks with Reagan Gavin & Eisha Sarkar: Feeding Crows

He: Crows don't trust easily. You have to gain their trust otherwise they'll attack you
Me: A crow once attacked my mom and drew blood
He: That's what I am saying. Watch this 

(Shows me a live video of placing a spoon of pork fried rice on his palm. A crow swoops down to eat it.)
Me: Wow! Haven't seen that, ever.
He: It has taken months for me to gain their trust. Now watch.

(Places the rest of the rice on the balcony railing of his 250-year-old building. Crow sits next to it but doesn't eat.)
He: Eat, Donkey!
Me (laughing): Never heard anyone call a crow a donkey before 😀😂

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