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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Why I speak with my child only in English when he plays with poorer kids

The toddler saw three older girls in the society and ran towards them. All of them, daughters of maids, decided to play Ring-a Ring-a Roses with him. They started the rhyme but did not know beyond the first two lines. I completed it for them and they played thrice, while I sang and they joined in chorus. While my boy responds to four languages, I especially speak to him in English when he plays with kids from lower economic backgrounds, so that they too get a chance to learn the language, which otherwise they might have learned in school but because of Covid19 are not able  to. This gap in education and learning because of the pandemic has widened so much that it will take decades to get it back to what it was before Covid19 in third-world countries. Those who have the means can organise multiple language trainings online for their children. Those who don't are struggling with even their mother tongue. Try to include them in conversations so they learn another language as well. 

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