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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Twin Soul Talks with Reagan Gavin and Eisha Sarkar: Telepathy

He: I think it's the telepathy thing. I know when you're feeling low
Me: Maybe
He: Really. I know
Me: Speaking of telepathy. If you look at Bombay Times and Downtown Plus from back in 2005, you'll see we covered the same celebs back to back. It was so bizarre that my colleague once commented, "Somebody upstairs thinks like you." Thankfully, we had a new editor who drove DTP to be a community magazine so I stopped interviewing celebs and covered communities instead. 😀😀
He: It could have been because we covered the same events
Me: I got pulled up three times by the editor in 2008 when I just joined Mumbai Mirror because the Hollywood pages I made were identical to Bombay Times. And I was doing 6-8 pages a day! Of course, I had no idea that you were making the BT Hollywood pages. Same layouts too 😀 Thankfully, after a couple of weeks the page was handed over to someone else and they looked different from BT. 😀😀😀

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