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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Write Creed E13: Alphabetically Aussie by Eisha

A few years ago, Eisha watched a viral video of actor Daniel Radcliffe rapping Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious on The Jimmy Fallon Show. She looked up the lyrics and that inspired her to pen a poem about her second home, Australia, a country very close to her heart. Here's Alphabetically Aussie:

Alphabetically Aussie!

Australia, Ayers, Assange, asylum;

Beaches, blokes, beers and bush;

Cricket, coffee and conversation;

Diplomacy, dollar, didgeridoos;

Entertaining evenings, exploration;

Feasting, fans, fast-lanes, flangaroos;

Gardens, grills, G'Days and 'greenies';

Highs, health, 'heaps' and handles;

Independent, inquisitive, indigenous;

Jargon, jumbuck, Japanese, jamboree;

Knowledge, koalas, kitties and Kylie;

Lust, love, life, less ordinary;

Murdoch, Miranda, Matilda, mates;

“No worries”, “nice 'n' easy”, NT;

Oz, Olympics, Opera House, opal;

Pokies' players, precious Pommies;

Quiet Queen and quarantine;

Rugby, reef, runners 'n' rowers;

Sand, sun, shadows and snakes;

Tests, tribulations, tribes, trips;

Uranium, units, Uggs, utes;

Victory, Victoria, Venus and vices;

Wine, weather, wellness, worship;

X-Men, XXXX, eXtreme;

Yarns, 'yakka', yells, 'yewies';

Zoos, Zen, zenith, zest.

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