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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hira Baghol at Dabhoi


How to get there: An hour's drive from Vadodara. It is around 60 kilometres from Rajpipla.
Slice of history: Dabhoi was established in the early 6th century AD. Its foundation and fortification is ascribed to King Siddhraj Jaisinh (1093-1143 AD), who made this his frontier fortress. The fort of Dabhoi (originally called Darbhavati) is one of the rare surviving examples of Hindu military architecture, based on the shastri traditions described in various Vaastu scriptures. The famed battle of Dabhoi was fought on April 1, 1731 between Sarsenapati Trimbakrao Dabhade and Bajirao Peshwa.
Tourist spots: There are four gates in the town, one in each cardinal direction, having indirect entry, located in the middle of each side of the fort wall. It was altered during the time of Visaldev and the Muslim rule. Hira Bhagol (named after the architect, Hiradhar), the most exquisitely carved gate with Khajuraho-type sculptures of gods and goddesses, is in the east, with Vadodara Gate in the west, Champaner Gate in the north and Nandod Gate in the south. The Archaeological Survey of India is currently renovating these ancient relics.

About the video: Rachit and Amisha dig into some local fruit called 'kothu' at Hira Baghol - the most famous landmark in Dabhoi town of Vadodara district. The fruit is sour - and I'm not talking lemon-sour. This one's for those who want to take their tastebuds seriously. Ready for an acid-test?

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