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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There's Disappointment, Daru and Bikini...all in the Pacific

Yes, the title seems suggestive, but what the heck. I had to spend the day at Rachit's factory at Halol yesterday. Having thrusted myself upon some of the employees of the tyre factory - who were gracious enough to spare me their time and space - I just did not know what to do. I walked around the office floor as I waited for Rachit to come out of a meeting. Thankfully, there was a world map stuck on one of the walls of the cabin. My eyes traced the contours of countries marked in pink, yellow, orange, purple, green. Suddenly, something caught my eye. Lake Disappointment in Australia. I smirked and called a friend to tell him about my latest discovery. My friend was surprised - more so because he'd never thought this could be a topic of conversation. Holding the phone in one hand, I moved my index finger in a straight line towards the north-east. I saw Daru in Papua New Guinea and then further I saw Bikini Islands. Chuckle. I had to kill more time before the meeting was over. So, I avoided the curious glances from factory workers and pored over the map looking for places with unusual names - Old Crow in Alaska, Must in Mongolia, Snares near New Zealand...
When Rachit came out of the meeting he asked me, "Did you get bored waiting here?" I said, "No. I wanted to find out Why (Arizona, US)."


Unknown said...

Only you can manage to spend your time in such a manner Eish. And only you will consider reaching for a world map to alleviate boredom and then actually find stuff like "Disappointment, Daru and Bikini" on the map and think of writing a blog post on it. What can I say, Eish? What can I say?

Anonymous said...

Woman! Thank you for this knowledge! It'd be interesting if the inhabitants pronounce some of these places the way we do....hehehehe

Priceless!! This shold go up on your FB!